The DPS shock is for the short-mid travel segment, compact and lightweight. The new construction drops weight and parts from the model, we weighed it 10g lighter than the RockShox. The Factory model is the top of the line, with the lustrous Kashima coating and all the adjustments. What about long travel shocks, and forks, too? Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Proin eleifend ante id diam eleifend, vitae ultrices magna venenatis. Vestibulum consectetur pretium convallis.

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fox float dps factory 2020

Vivamus elementum, odio eu posuere lacinia, eros felis egestas metus, a ullamcorper dolor sapien eget ligula. Mauris mattis dui in laoreet auctor. Proin eget arcu ac dolor molestie vestibulum nec sed neque.FREE U. Upgrading the suspension on your bike is one of the most enjoyable upgrades because you can literally feel the change right away.

Whether you go coil or air, the options are endless. So far he is thrilled with it, check out his review for more! In my case, that meant a bottom end bike and upgrading it over time and what better platform to start on than the Specialized Stumpjumper 29 ST!

When I began to look at shocks to replace the factory X-Fusion air spring. I have ridden Fox products for over ten years, and they are my go-to brand for anything suspension related. When I bought my Stumpy, my goal was always to upgrade to a Fox Factory series air shock. They are on top end bikes for a valid reason. But finding one that fit the Stumpjumper ST 29 was not going to be easy.

As I began to scour the interwebs for options I stumbled across Worldwide Cyclery.

fox float dps factory 2020

I had never purchased anything from them before, but they had some stellar reviews. Special order yes Two weeks later, the shock came in the mail. The shock came with all hardware necessary to fit the shock since it was a special order for my specific bike. Not having to order mounting hardware was definitely a plus since I would have had to order it with the Cane Creek shock.

FOX Factory Series Float DPS Shock - Review

It installed in only a few minutes, and after torquing the hardware to spec, I aired up the shock and began the tuning process. The shock has three settings, Open, Medium and Firm, with the Firm setting being exactly what it sounds like, firm. Unlike the prior Fox lockouts, the shock will cycle in the firm setting if it takes a heavy hit.

I found that once I dialed in the rebound I never used the firm setting and I tend to switch the shock between Medium and Open settings on climbs. This sensitivity allows the bike to just roll over rocks and bumps, but it still takes hits like a champ! I have ridden several other Fox shocks, RP23, CTD, and a Pushed Float, and this shock blows them out of the water in terms of overall small bump performance.

It very much lives up to the hype and I am very pleased with it! Online shops can be creative with how the market themselves. I truly believe these guys ride and know the struggles those of us who build and maintain our own bikes deal with.

Yes, we understand the need to support the LBS, but we also know the ease and pride that working on your own bike can bring. It heightens the connection you have with the bike and you appreciate each bump, jump, crash and scratch you experience.

The bike truly becomes a part of you. I have a long way to go in the transformation of my Stumpy. Wheels and drivetrain are next on the list and I am sure Worldwide Cyclery will be my first go to shop!

Cheers Friends… go forth and ride! Home Menu Search. Continue Shopping Your Cart is Empty. Shop Watch Read. Performance Two weeks later, the shock came in the mail. Affiliate Program Accessibility Statement.

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fox float dps factory 2020

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Your report of this review has been forwarded to our staff. Inappropriate Review Reports are generally addressed within hours. Be the first to rate this product.Fox and RockShox have been battling each other for bike shock supremacy for around 20 years. Related: Six of the best MTB air shocks. The Float DPS delivers a wider range of adjustments, thanks to a new dual-piston system, and a more linear spring curve, thanks to a new air sleeve.

In the past, if you wanted a Float shock to have a firm lockout your open mode would be correspondingly firmer. This is because all three positions: climb, trail and descend, operated as part of the same compression circuit.

Fox has replaced the climb, trail, and descend verbiage with firm, medium and open. The new Dual Piston System, or DPS in Fox-speak, relies on the main piston to control compression damping in the open and medium modes, while a second piston is now employed for lockout duties. By dividing these tasks, the rider can have a firm lockout and still have a plush shock when traction is paramount.

That means an even more sensitive start to the golden Kashima coated stroke of the already smooth Factory grade Float shocks, for softer tyre-style ground connection. This means the stroke becomes progressive just at the right point in the midstroke for a naturally supportive feel. Despite the fact the position sensitive Boost Valve has been dropped from the system, the increased operating pressure means a predictable progression right through to a controlled bottom-out if you really G out the bike.

This altered spring architecture also works in reverse, keeping rebound more consistent in the upper part of the stroke where previous Float shocks could occasionally pop and kick up, particularly when mixed with a pedal reactive suspension system. While the three position compression lever, with black three position fine tuning collar underneath, looks familiar, it works with an all new DPS Dual Piston System valve stack.

The Firm setting is now a totally separate valve which means it can be a much stiffer, closer to lockout feeling that sprinters or smooth hill sloggers will really appreciate. In other words the damping now gives more adjustment in its most active Open setting, a more active Medium setting but a much more solid Firm settings so more riders are likely to be able to get their Float feeling how they want more of the time. Independent operation of the lockout and open modes is a welcome addition for riders who want the best of both worlds.

But the real benefit of the Float DPS is its supple early stroke. Performance has been stellar across the board.

Riders who frequently push their suspension to its limits would be better served by the EVOL-equipped Float X or all new four-way damping adjustable Float X2 shocks that have more oil volume. Latest deals. Our review More sensitivity, more control and more adjustability — particularly in Open mode — puts Fox back into pole position.

Skip to view product specifications. Separating the pistons for the open and medium modes from the lockout modes offers a wider range of adjustments Courtesy. Hiding in plain sight: Fox has been testing versions of the EVOL negative air spring for several years on the world cup circuit Courtesy. Separating the pistons for the open and medium modes from the lockout modes offers a wider range of adjustments:.

Hiding in plain sight: fox has been testing versions of the evol negative air spring for several years on the world cup circuit:. The float dps delivers on the promise of better small-bump sensitivity :. Josh Patterson.Apr 1, You must login to Pinkbike. Don't have an account? Sign up. That list includes not only a revamped air spring that's said to provide more supple action, but also an entirely new piston design that should add up to better performance when you need it most.

We first showed you a sneak peak of a prototype version of the DPS shock back in Februaryand it turns out that our guess of it using a longer negative spring rings true, but there are one or two other surprises that were less expected, including the departure of CTD.

The design looks exactly as the name likely has you picturing it, with a larger piston overtop of its smaller brother.

Fox Rear Shock Float DPS Performance 2020

The two-piston layout allows FOX to separate the modes that riders use most often Open and Medium by putting them on the main piston, while the Firm setting and its requirement to greatly block oil flow in order to function is on the second piston. Just like on the new 34FOX has abandoned the CTD designation, which makes sense given the new damper layout, but they've also taken the old CTD's supplementary three-position compression setting that used to let riders tweak the Trail mode to their liking and reconfigured it to do the same thing but only in the Open mode.

FOX says that moving the Firm mode to a separate piston allows the shock to perform better when it's set to both Open and Medium modes. EVOL Air Spring While the new damper updates are hidden inside the shock, the odd looking shape of the shock body is a dead giveaway that FOX has made some changes to the Float's air spring.

That black section on the shock body that looks like an add-on is exactly that, a slip-on sleeve that's held in place with a large C-clip to create an extremely long negative air spring. The longer the stroke of the negative spring, the smoother the handoff becomes as the pressure falls off to zero on the negative side and the suspension is completely supported by the main positive side of the air can.

This should make for an air-sprung shock that feels quite a bit more active and smoother through its stroke, but especially at the top of the travel. FOX says that the EVOL spring is also more linear and more supportive in the middle of the stroke, which are all things that a lot of trail bikes could benefit from, and the ability to adjust the shock's progression is still possible by adding or subtracting volume spacers.

The longer negative spring is underneath the black sleeve, and you can just spot the bleed hole that links the two at the base of the main air can. Ride, swap, repeat. Damping - The new Dual Piston System and how it separates the Firm compression mode from Open and Medium is clever, but I suspect that most riders are going to be more impressed by the new air spring rather than the hidden-from-view shim science. There's also the matter of FOX designing the black three-position compression selector to control the amount of low-speed compression in Open mode rather than in last year's Trail mode on the CTD shock.

This change makes a lot of sense for bikes that pedal well because a rider is often just leaving the shock in Open mode all day long, and the three-position LSC option allows for tuning of this without having to flip to the middle setting and sacrificing traction and comfort. Again, the air spring obviously plays a role here as well, but the DPS's Medium mode felt more forgiving without handing over any control.

Good stuff. The Firm mode is quite firm, as it should be, and most riders are only ever going to reaching for that position when faced with smooth, boring road climbs.

Who likes to go up those, anyway? The three-position black selector now controls how much low-speed compression is applied in the Open mode, whereas the old CTD shock saw the same thing applied to the Trail mode. I've always said that the less travel you have, the better that travel must be.

2018 Fox Float DPS Evol Rear Shock Sleeve Service on the DB Release 4c

The challenge, though, is getting a diminutive air-sprung shock to perform better and better every year, especially when you have gram counters out there not willing to take a big hit on the scales in the name of performance. It added a noticeable amount of suppleness to the mm travel bike that I mounted it on, and while I can't exactly measure the gains in traction, I'm confident that it's there.

These days he spends most of his time doing exactly that, preferring to ride test bikes way out in the local hills rather than any bike park. Over ten years as a professional mechanic before making the move to Pinkbike means that his enthusiasm for two wheels extends beyond simply riding on them, and his appreciation for all things technical is an attribute that meshes nicely with his role of Technical Editor at Pinkbike.

I would buy this sweet shock but I don't got enough kashima wallet. I thought it was pronounced: 'Kah-shee-mah' since it's a Japanese word. Josephhenery Mar 31, at I really hope my super obvious shock pun doesn't damper the mood. Your jokes don't float my boat, by the way.

I just hope they don't start piston people off! Or Corset they would squeeze this shock out now. Bwagon Mar 31, at Below Threshold show comment.For a lightweight, inline shock, the DPS packs a lot of performance. The Dual Piston Base Valve has dedicated compression and rebound pistons, providing a firm lockout without compromising bump compliance, ride control, or efficiency.

Factory says it all. The best-of-the-best technology we have to offer is available in our Factory Series models with our buttery smooth, and ultra durable Genuine Kashima Coat. These products are World Cup proven. Dual Piston valve design Review This Product.

Combining the best of X2 and DPS, the DPX2 features a recirculating oil damper design with the convenience of three on-the-fly compression damping positions. The Float DPS helps you make perfect turns without cutting corners. The DPS' dual piston system pairs exceptional bump compliance with exceptional efficiency, helping conserve energy for when An entirely new base valve design raises the already high bar on performance, and 10 clicks of Search or browse by merchantcategory or brand.

This website uses cookies to improve user experience. Ok Read more. Visit Store.X Loading Shock was purchased from Fox on May 11th and was used last year until the 29th of October.

Here is a great way to get an awesome shock at a discounted price. The updated valve design delivers improved compression and rebound flow, and the Factory series comes complete with a Genuine Kashima Coat. With this model, you also get an additional 3 clicks of low speed compression to fine tune the Open mode performance. For a lightweight, inline shock, the DPS packs a lot of performance. The Dual Piston Base Valve has dedicated compression and rebound pistons, providing a firm lockout without compromising bump compliance, ride control, or efficiency.

The best-of-the-best technology we have to offer is available in our Factory Series models with our buttery smooth, and ultra durable Genuine Kashima Coat. These products are World Cup proven. Features: Revised oil flow improves damping control, Improved EVOL air sleeve increases responsiveness and sensitivity, Updated valve design improves compression and rebound flow, Kashima coat provide unmatched smoothness and compression action and Excellent adjustability for added proformance in open mode.

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Fox Rear Shock Float DPS Factory REMOTE 2020

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